Category: Issue 05

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Wonderful life!

By Miss Cellany

Advoot rasa or the wonder   I rubbed my eyes sleepily, clearly exhausted after hours of staring and squinting at…

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By Fried Eye

Bhibhatsa Rasa or Disgust   She was fourteen. She was no more a kid. She understood things… The walls of…

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Om Shanti Om!

By Mani Padma

Shantam Rasa or Tranquility   “Inner peace” Whenever I utter the words Inner Peace, Kungfu Panda comes into my mind.…

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By Editor

month of March- you fill my mind with blue dreams – Nalini Hebbar Everywhere there are signs of a coming…

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The Lesson

By Prerna Changkakati

It was my second job after finishing college. I took it up because I loved the financial independence that came…