Wonderful life!

Wonderful life!

March 1, 2013 Off By Miss Cellany

Advoot rasa or the wonder


I rubbed my eyes sleepily, clearly exhausted after hours of staring and squinting at the monitor. I did feel cranky what with all the exhaustion and to top it an equally cranky assignment from Fried Eye, about projecting one rasa from the Navarasa, the Advoota rasa or the ‘wonder’


It is really a surprise, a wonder, how they remember me only during tough times.

And how much time do I get to come up with one? Two days!!! Another wonder that they think I can come up with one on this one in such a short time!

But what is more amazing is that I am stupid enough to agree!

I wonder how such a wonderful chain of events can take place in a person’s life because this certainly is one amazing thing that commonly happens to everyone. How? I mean, humans are supposed to be of the highest intellect yet why do we repetitively keep on making an ass of ourselves unfailingly. Wonders, isn’t it?

Still coming back to this wonderful situation I am in, what do I write about now?

About something wonderful?

Well thank God for Google!

Hmm, now Google. That certainly is an amazing thing out there. Should I write about it? A search engine, in fact the most searched engine, receiving and helping several hundred million queries a day, offering search access to over three million web documents in over 30 languages, certainly deserves to be written about. Huge is the only word that comes to my mind when I try to imagine it in its entire magnitude.

But technology, any form of technology is a wonder in itself, its creators never ceasing to astonish us.

So No, not technology today.

Dear me! I guess I have to take a break as I need to help out my seven year old niece with her school project on the various hydroelectric projects in India.

Seriously, is a seven year old qualified to do a project of such magnitude?!!! I could never fathom why near toddlers are saddled with school work that hardly serves much educational purpose?… Again a wonder!

Project completed and I am back for my own project. And while I was gone I had this idea. Why not write about the lesser known wonders from our own North East India? There is no lack of amazing objects or phenomenon to showcase before you from these parts

We have the carnivorous pitcher plant from Meghalaya, which is the only such variety found in India. It traps flies mostly as its meal which is digested by the plant in no time. Some say the left over juices have great medicinal properties. How they found that out, is again another wonder!

Then the stories about the living root bridges and caves of Meghalaya , the Jatinga bird suicide phenomenon , Mautam or bamboo flowering can always pique anybody’s  interest with its element of mystery  and eeriness associated with it, right?

But again I thought, why regionalize it? Not that there is anything wrong about it after all we just believe in genuine promotion.

Still I can’t help but notice this strange psychological bent of man, and even animals, towards its own, as if marking a territory, which he can, call his- his land, his family, and his possessions. Nobody tells him nor trains him to do so, but rather it is an inherent instinct which gets stronger with time. We become rooted deep.

A wonder of nature! Isn’t it? How it shapes us to survive, thrive and live in the truest sense.

And as if to prove the point that wonders never ceases I saw light! No not that Thomas Alva Edison light bulb, but light as in enlightenment, and my enlightenment is certainly as I said a wonder.

I realized that I do not need to search further for wonders, because life itself is a wonder. The birth, the death, the origin, the destination, the journey, the struggle, the survival- every aspect of life is a wonder in the sense that it follows a definite clockwork mechanism yet is so unpredictable, real yet so fragile, so vivid yet just an illusion, simple but in the end unfathomable. An end, which begins again…

Surely nothing can be as wonderful as life- as strange, as beautiful, as colourful !






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