March 1, 2011 Off By Editor

month of March-
you fill my mind
with blue dreams

– Nalini Hebbar

Everywhere there are signs of a coming spring. The days are growing longer, buds are beginning to appear on the trees, the first shoots of the spring bulbs are breaking through the ground. It is lovely to be around nature at these time. Countless poets have written about the March month and it’s wind. There is a famous term in Assamese, “Posuwa Ba”. It is a certain kind of dry wind during the month of Faagun (roughly Feb 15 – March 15). They say that you get addicted to this dry wind. This inspires poets to write beautiful poems. If I were a poet then probably I would have also written a poem.

It is not that I have never tried writing poems. I do try my hand in poems at certain occasions. It happens either if I am highly inspired or a poet influences my thought process. Pranab Kumar Barman at one time influenced my thought process. His poems were at one time like anthems in Gauhati University. The GU students still use to recite his poems.

Talking about influences and inspirations, how can someone forget women. They are the greatest source of inspiration in my life. Starting from my mother, who inspires me in every sphere of my life. I try hard to make her proud, but I am not always successful. She inspires me in everything. All my school teachers who I remember for good reasons are women. Fried Eye is literally run by women. As we approach International Women’s Day, we get inspired again and we would try to bring better works.

Before I end, I would like to say that we are trying to improve and bring you a better fried eye. I hope you’ll bear with us as we improve, and aim to inspire you all to become better writers.


Pramathesh Borkotoky
Fried Eye

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