Om Shanti Om!

Om Shanti Om!

March 1, 2013 Off By Mani Padma

Shantam Rasa or Tranquility


“Inner peace”


Whenever I utter the words Inner Peace, Kungfu Panda comes into my mind. How hard it is to find inner peace , whether you are a Panda, a peacock or a human: But once in a while we come upon such a miracle of nature, that we are rendered speechless with awe  and we wish at such moments , to become one with God, with nature .

The peace, the calm,the tranquility just cannot be missed at such moments…




Deepak Tal – on the Manali-Leh highway






The Panch chula peaks as seen from Chaukori, Uttaranchal.






The early morning misty woods ,  NH8





A view from the Dalhousie – Chamba highway





An enlightening moment! – Uttaranchal. Not for anything is it called the Devabhoomi





Bageswar, Uttaranchal


There is no fancy equipment nor fancy techniques involved in the above photographs. The photographs have been shot by an amateur photographer (yours truly) by a simple handycam and no, they haven’t been photoshop-ed.

They have been produced, just as they are, with only mother nature to bless them.

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