Author: Mani Padma

Started reading at the age of 5... Started understanding what is being read at the age of 10... Started attempts to write at the age of 15... Started understanding that writing is no child's play at the age of 20... Forgot the joys of reading and writing at the age of 25... Rediscovered the joys of reading and writing at the age of 30... Realised that one should clam up about one's age at the age of... And now still on the path of discovery(not the channel) and rediscovery of little joys of life...
April 15, 2014 Off

The Date

By Mani Padma

Pre date preparation: It was an ordinary day. She appeared calm and composed, just like any other day. But beneath…

February 1, 2014 Off

Being Money wise

By Mani Padma

The financial year end is fast approaching. For anyone who realizes the value of their hard earned money and who…

December 15, 2013 Off

Safety in Delhi, Then and Now.

By Mani Padma

Not even the most high tech of services and infrastructure will be enough for a conducive and safe atmosphere. You will be safe no doubt, but you WILL NEVER FEEL SAFE.