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Recipe: Chilly Prawns

By Tinam Borah

Ingredients Prawns- 250 gms (about 10-12 pieces) Onions- 2 (chopped) Garlic- 8-10 cloves (finely chopped) Green Chilly- 1 (chopped) Tomato-…

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By Sanzeeta

By Sanjeeta           Category: Cocktail Country of Origin: It is the national drink of Brazil and…

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Gift of Language

By Dagny Sol

  Part One: Have you ever wondered what role language plays in determining the intensity of your life experience? Do…

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By Fried Guest

Awaiting the arrival eagerly, The promise keeps ringing In my mind, Planning and preparing for the day Some finalised, yet…

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By Editor

As I sit in front of the Meji warming myself and having roasted red sweet potatoes, I was also thinking…

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Goa,hippies & etc!!

By Hashan Hazarika

(Adult content, please avoid if below 18) (Picture Courtesy: Darius) GOA ! When you hear the name the pictures that…