Author: Tinam Borah

A freelance journalist by profession and a writer by passion. Born and brought up in Tezpur, Assam. An alumni of Tezpur University. An active member of the Rotaract Club of Tezpur Yuva. True to the characteristics of a true Geminian, she is an ardent communicator, loves to talk and spends her time watching movies, reading novels and indulging in creative writing. A lover of music and pursues singing as a hobby. An optimist by nature and loves to wear a smile on her face. She can also be reached at her website Misteerious Mind(
February 1, 2014 0

Recipe: Chilly Prawns

By Tinam Borah

Ingredients Prawns- 250 gms (about 10-12 pieces) Onions- 2 (chopped) Garlic- 8-10 cloves (finely chopped) Green Chilly- 1 (chopped) Tomato-…

October 15, 2013 Off

The closure

By Tinam Borah

First came the storm And then came the destruction. The picture started to fade away Right before my moist eyes…

June 16, 2013 Off

The Moment

By Tinam Borah

I stood by the open window of my room and watched the rain fall, enjoying every beat of the sound…