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Category: Cocktail

Country of Origin: It is the national drink of Brazil and all time favorite during carnivals and any festive occasions.

Pronunciation: Kai-Pee-Reen-ya



Glassware: Rock glasses or old fashioned glasses with thick bottom where muddler can easily run through for crushing or muddling the non-liquid ingredients. The straight walls and wide brims of rock glass instantly let out the flavours of the cocktail.


Ingredients: Cachaça (which is local rum of Brazil made from fermented juice of sugarcane), lime, sugar, lime wedges and crushed ice cubes.

Chef’s description on preparation

“Place the lime wedges and brown sugar or white sugar at the bottom of a rock glass and crush them with a muddler to let out the lemon juice. The aroma from the lemon peels makes them more sensational. Add crushed ice half the way in the rock glass, then in goes the cachaca. If not then vodka would do good but cachaca is what caipirinha is all about and stir thoroughly. Then fill in with crushed ice cubes. Sip it out! ”

Writer’s experience with Caipirinha

  • The greenish-whitish texture makes the cocktail attractive and soothing to eyes. Refreshing at the first sight!
  • The crushed ices in the rock glass invites for an inevitable fun and frolic.
  • A short sip through the wide straw gives a mouthful so take at intervals slowly. Play while you sip.

Writer’s suggestion for the best time with Caipirinha

“Have it as a stimulating drink for leisure and enjoyment in hot weather or evening tables in open low breezy air. Best place to have is during sun-bath with nothing in mind. Relax! It won’t be intoxicating if you are tickling your brains for the rum or the vodka ingredient, you‘ll be acting normal even after 3 pints.”




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