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By Editor

Yesterday, it was a major historical day for India. Verdict for a case that ran for 60 years was pronounced.…

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The Green Stare!

By Sanzeeta

This is one of the numerous elusive subtle yet up-to-the-minute recipes of mine on the theme FRIED EYE. The recipe…

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By Fried Guest

Each new blow shoved me closer to the guillotine of silence

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By Rupkamal Sarma

The shy flame of the candle, virgin demeanour, Struggles in the forest of the night, The passing wind steals solitary…

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The Godfather

By Manjil P. Saikia

Title: The Godfather Genre: Fiction Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd; New edition edition (21 Feb 1991) Language: English Paperback: 446 pages…

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By Pramathesh Borkotoky

Title: Shantaram Genre: Fiction Language: English Author: Gregory David Roberts Publisher: ABACUS,2007 Pages: 933 Pages ISBN-10: 0312330529 ISBN-13: 978-0312330521 Rating:…