It’s a Woman’s World – 2

October 1, 2010 1 By Sankhya Samhita

Continuing from where I last left off, I move on to songs I have heard comparatively more recently. That doesn’t mean these are newer songs though. And I guess this part of the list has got more shades in it than the previous ones when it comes to a woman’s emotions.

Never Gonna Happen (Lily Allen): Lily Allen has always been quite a sensation when it comes to lyrics, with the liberal use of the “f” word in most of her songs. More than that I simply love the way her songs bring out those things a woman might feel, but will never say out loud. But I love ‘Never Gonna Happen’ because when I listen to this, I can totally imagine a loser of a guy who I feel sorry for, because the poor thing is so desperate for love. I find “How on earth can I be any more obvious?” a killer line when it comes to telling a guy it’s just not going to happen between them. That she also calls him and tells him “Now I know you feel betrayed but it’s been weeks since I got laid, This doesn’t mean that I don’t think you’re a fool” should have made me question the appropriateness in the intentions of the woman, but somehow, I end up idolizing her. Way to go!

Pumpkin Soup (Kate Nash): Don’t let the title of the song mislead you, and if truth be admitted, I haven’t been able to figure out just why this song is called “Pumpkin Soup”. The first time I heard this song was during one of those phases I go through, when I intentionally listen to songs in my laptop I have never heard before, and it really caught my attention. The chorus “I just want your kiss boy” in itself is quite catchy, but “I’m not in love, I just wanna be touched” really makes this song what it is, for me. This again would be a judgment call, but I take pride in not being judgmental. “Pumpkin soup” is for all men who think they can fool with a girls’ emotions just so they get some. Well, at times, it’s not just you, you know. We might want to be like you too.

Poker Face (Lady GaGa): Lot has been said and written about Lady Gaga so I don’t deem it necessary to get started here, but what I find weird about her songs is that although at first “listen” you might not like a song at all, you will find yourself humming the same song just minutes later. Well, I admit I don’t understand half the time what a GaGa song is about, but Poker Face was something that remained with me. “Can’t read my poker face” seems just so refreshing coming from a woman, specially since we women are known for how we express all our emotions explicitly. And I love the way she matter-of-factly plans out and blurts out just what she intends to do. Stay away from the video though: Lady GaGa videos kind of leave you with an aftertaste.

Express Yourself (Madonna): Alright, ashamed though I am, I was kind of a late bloomer when it came to educating myself on Madonna’s music. I discovered just why Madonna is Madonna just two months back! And lame though it may sound, she made me see empowerment in a whole new light. I mean, duh! She is THE one who first painted the whole world with the true colors of a woman. Out of all the songs, although there are more famous ones, I love “Express Yourself” because it is exactly the way I feel about life. “Don’t settle for second best baby, put your love through the test” is what I think every woman should believe in, since we make the most compromises, and adjust and settle all the time. It’s so not about settling for something. It is about going ahead and getting what we want.

Leave Me Alone (Pink): Yet another Pink song because I feel she just knows it all, you get it? How it is to be with a man, and how it is to be away from him; how it is to be in love, and how it is to be heartbroken. The best part is that Pink makes it all seem okay. Like in this song, she makes it so easy; the need for space. “Go away, give me a chance to miss you, Say goodbye it’ll make me want to kiss you” would ring a bell to many women, although they might not want to admit it. Although men keep talking about their “zone” all the time, I wonder why it is so difficult to explain to most of them that we need our space too. And while we try keep saying it to them in so many different words, this song just goes ahead and says it without mincing words. And it is as simple as , “Leave me the f*** alone”.

That’s all, for now at least. Here’s hoping I find more songs to add to my “men-are-from-moron-land/it’s-a-woman’s-world” playlist!

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