When love is a job!

When love is a job!

June 1, 2013 Off By Tinam Borah

People talk about loving their job, but what do we do when love is the job? Here’s cupid’s side of the story… 

OH WAIT! It’s just part of the story. The rest if for you to create. For details read the editorial and you will know what to do! 



Marriages are made in heaven. And love stories are written by me. Yes, I am Cupid, God’s special angel, who has been given the most difficult job of making love stories. Initially when I was assigned to this post by His Majesty, the Lord, I was thrilled. I thought it would be the easiest of all. Love, was something I was always fond of and I thought I could make great stories. And some really beautiful ones, I did make. There are too many examples to quote.

cupidHowever, things had been going pretty downhill since a few years. Earlier my job was very simple. Whenever a little girl was born, all I had to do was cast a brief look around and locate the right little boy for her and register them both in my record book. Then, I just had to fix a date as to when they had to meet each other, probably another twenty years later, and on the given date I had to shoot the love arrow at both of them at the same time, and Voila! They are in love, and there goes a happily ever after on its own. I never had to take on any worries, nothing!

But, lately, I mean since the late twentieth century has dawned, the new generation has created a lot of worries for me. First of all, there are so many of them. Hundreds of them are born at the same moment and I simply cannot concentrate on one particular case at that moment. I get confused, and mess up. Despite having equipped myself with hi-tech services to maintain the records, I often choose the wrong mate for many of them, or forget to shoot the arrow on time and at times I even shoot the arrows at the wrong people. Moreover, nowadays, kids tend to have the urge to find their soul mates much before the assigned time, and this urge is becoming so strong in them, that I am yet to brew up a stronger love potion to control their emotions. What’s more, these petty things called “Social Networking Sites” have further added trouble to my already complicated job. These things provide the kids so many ample opportunities to make new friends that they end up mixing and matching their own ideas, making trials after trials to create their own love story.

Little do they know that at the end, they can only be with the one I have “booked” for them!

But! I must say, my job was getting difficult by the moment. Couple after couple (even the ones I had created) started going through a phase called “Break up”. The married ones started getting “Divorced” and the unmarried ones started “moving on”. My arrows were getting weaker and weaker. I was getting more and more confused and ended up screwing up the whole thing even worse than before. I was at the verge of calling it quits, when I got a sms from The Lord saying- “Do whatever it takes to keep the love stories going… Keep them perfect and don’t forget the happy endings. Improve your record in the next two years; create some historic stories that will be remembered several years down the line. Achieve this, and as a reward, you’ll be given a special assistant- a mate for yourself, who’ll make your work easier for you.”

Hmmm… A mate… Well, there you go. The lord sure knows how to bribe… Sigh!

“I’m in! I’ll get to work.” I sent a quick reply.

I opened my Big Book of Romantic Records and browsed through the names in the first page.

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