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By Editor

Today is an important day of faith. It is Mahalaya. Before I offer you my greetings for this festive season…

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In the shadows

By Vinayak Gole

Silence: The night is silent. An occasional cricket buzzing away to attract attention, a rare vehicle in a hurry to…

October 15, 2012 1

Chicken Gizzard Fry

By Fried Guest

by Chef Sakun Rai Sans Francisco, California  Boil the chicken gizzards firstly although I tried to make without boiling too…

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Fifteen Years

By Dagny Sol

He is coming home after fifteen years. They told me he was coming. A million times since then, I have…

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New Horizon

By Fried Guest

The fiction New Horizon ,by Akshayarka had won the joint third prize for the Sci Fi Eclat competition of Techniche,…

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Anything out of normal

By Nimue Gal

I love Twilight ( the book more than the movie) and I like Edward Cullen ( the character first and then the…