Sanghai Salsa by Sanjukta

Sanghai Salsa by Sanjukta

October 15, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

Are you passionate about food? Does your taste bud tickle to see array of food in your platter? Are you looking for Spanish and Chinese food under one roof? If yes, then SHANGHAI-SALSA is the place you were waiting for and it’s right there in your town. Located at Hatigarh Charali in Guwahati’s Zoo-Narengi Road, this place is every Foodie’s dream.

The first experience is the astounding ambiance of this restaurant that is strikingly inviting. The live music corner, the friendly hosts and the chef himself, enriches the eating experience. The assortment of Spanish and Chinese food offered in the carte du jour is a gourmet delight.

Munching on Chicken Harisa and Mojo with your family and friends would definitely give you an ultimate Spanish experience.

Steamed Fish balls are a culinary delight that one cannot miss. The menu goes on and one can comprehend how the chef has personally selected these mixed bags of food with perfect union and balance of flavours, which persuade the guests to keep coming back over and over again.

The panacota served with such warmth and hospitality appeases the tongue and satisfies the sweet tooth syndrome amongst us. The caramel custard is definitely a must try in the menu.


The price offered in the menu is not overpriced; hence it is easy on our pockets and gives us all a reason to try something different and new-fangled. Sanghai Salsa will definitely live up to the expectations of food lovers who have a tang for International grub. Shanghai Salsa is definitely a must-try place for all.

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