October 15, 2012 Off By Editor

Today is an important day of faith. It is Mahalaya. Before I offer you my greetings for this festive season of Navaratras, durga Puja, Bakri Id and Diwali , I have to say that “faith’ is a strange force indeed. I do not know if it will move a mountain someday but it has touched and moved people who had nothing else left for them other than just a ray of hope and the feeble straw of life called faith.

There are many things that are unfathomable like the concept of God, of spirits, time , universe etc etc which continues to fascinate men. Scientists are hell bent on finding the truth one day. But do we really need to know?  We seemed to be doing fine with our blind faith.

They say there is an air of mistrust every where. We need to be suspicious in order to survive. Wise ones lament that gone were those days when life used to be simple and everybody would trust and have faith in their neighbours, friends, family. Has faith among fellow human beings disappeared completely? Well I don’t think so.

When we cross the road in a traffic red light in front of waiting vehicles , that is faith.

When we eat in a restaurant – food cooked by total strangers; that is faith .

When a child follows his mother every where she goes , that is faith.

When a newly wed leaves her family and goes to live with her husband in a new surrounding, that is faith.

And that, I think is more than enough , at least for me ,to live contentedly , without attempting to find the truth about the creation of the universe for many years to come.

Wishing you a happy puja and dusshera and Id  once again from the whole team. Hope you have a delightful fortnight ahead.



Executive Editor

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