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October 15, 2012 Off By Nimue Gal

I love Twilight ( the book more than the movie) and I like Edward Cullen ( the character first and then the actor too ). And most people I know would give me such horrified look. I once even stated my reasons for fun. And they were –

1. He can read minds. Like ,can you even imagine how useful is such a power ? so if I can not have it ,let my guy has it at least

2. He has such stoned look. yes ,I like that stoned look in his eyes. The way he looks so different even when he is trying to look normal. you have to give him credit for that.

3. He is immortal. And I find most good immortal people have a good taste in literature and art.

4. Goes without saying ,Immortals are rich. and the last and most important reason for me is ,HE IS NOT NORMAL.

Call it paranormal ,supernatural ,fantasy ,sci -fi .. anything. This genre of literature ,movies or just talking about these is fascinating. I find it good for my imagination. You can fancy any creature / power ,its uses ,its limitations ,its effects , compliments or the enemies, anything about it. The scope is wide open for you to experiment and challenge yourself every time you add a new character to the story. and its also when you are reading a fantasy book or watching something of that sort. you do not what to expect. so yes ,this unexpected is what interests me lot.

Recently I have been watching a TV series called “Fringe”. Fringe sciences is a vast field of sciences that might not be really scientifically explainable but you can not deny their presence. telekinesis , trans-human experiences ,out of body events , are a few we always wonder about and this series has so smoothly shown its pros and cons in human society. I remember a scene where the lead character says ,”Imagine how different you would want your life to be.and work for it”

Now he was a scientist so of course he thought in that manner but it still holds true in all spheres of life. We have so much of supernatural stuff and most of it is a good v/s bad kind of stories. But we have to recognize that humans are neither good nor bad. If we some day turn into these beings ,we still would have human head and heart. This same head and heart.

Paranormal is just the ability to use your potentials 200% or maybe more to achieve good for everyone. We can make paranormal appear a part of routine. Or just make it happen normally.

Give it a try maybe !

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