Some X- traordinary phenomena recorded in India- Trivia

October 15, 2012 Off By Fried Eye Research Team


In keeping with our theme here are a few interesting trivia that we dug up and compiled just for you. How aware are you?

Are you x-traordinarily well informed or do you x-it from such discussions?


Did you know there was an incidence of blood rain in Kerala in between July and September 2001?


Did you know of the mass ‘suicides’ of the migratory birds at Jatinga in Assam every year? Every monsoon large number of birds throw themselves towards light sources like bonfire and get themselves killed.


Did you know that the Hindu milk miracle is none other than the much hyped phenomenon of the idols of Ganesha drinking milk which took the whole of the Hindu population by storm?


Did you know that the Monkey man who terrorised people in Delhi was never apprehended and was explained only as mass hysteria?


Did you know that a 5000 year old Vimana  (flying object) was discovered in a cave in Afghanistan? The real Vimana and not the picture or drawing?


Do you know there is a proper classification of spirits and ghosts in different regions of our country?


Did you know that Mautam or Bamboo flowering in Mizoram and nearby areas occur every 48 years resulting in a catastrophe caused by a sudden rodent outbreak ?


Do you know that entry to the infamous Bhangarh ruins (which is said to be haunted) in Alwar , Rajasthan is legally prohibited after sunset to sunrise for the safety of the tourists?


Did you know there is a movie named Madam X starring Rekha and it is still a mystery why a seasoned actress like Rekha had to act in such a movie?

And the list continues…

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