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By Editor

Dear Readers, Welcome to another edition of Fried Eye. Today, let me share with you an enriching experience I recently…

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A Memorable Past

By Fried Guest

-Bibhuti Borkotoky, Freelance Writer It was during the year 1969, a time when there was no TV and even Radio…

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Beauty meets the Beast

By Miss Cellany

Dear Diary, In the dictionary of a 20 something unmarried young girl in conversation with society-induced paranoid adults, the word…

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My Dear Nation

By Child Guest

Every time I see my country I dream of many things Think of our freedom, That many died to bring

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By Jumi B

She is a girl, more precious than a pearl; Soft and gentle, beautiful and mild: She gives much and expects…

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A Note on Life

By Aien

I was taught that I come from dust and to dust I must go. No longer do I care-

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Twice Baked

By Lord Mani

Most of us like biscuits. For us, Indians, biscuits are a part of our everyday diet. Consciously or unconsciously, we…

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Journey to Unknown

By Mani Padma

[singlepic=76,375,494,,center] Life is a journey- They say! Destination – Unknown! Purpose –Debatable, but I am raring to go wherever life…