Author: Jumi B

A student of Biotechnology at St. Anthony's College, Shillong, a girl who loves poetry. I write about Nature, emotions and sentiments. My hobbies include dancing, reading good articles on heart touching topics, listening to music and singing.
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By Jumi B

Here I stand, unnoticed, uncared for; Abandoned on this strange piece of land. A single faux pas led me here-…

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By Jumi B

She is a girl, more precious than a pearl; Soft and gentle, beautiful and mild: She gives much and expects…

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Just Once Again…

By Jumi B

Gone away are you, away from me, In search of an inexplicable something; Dispersed are those moments, dispersed with time-

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By Jumi B

Lost was I, somewhere in the dark; Veiled by the shadows of despair: My soul derelicted by the waves of…