Beauty meets the Beast

March 15, 2010 Off By Miss Cellany

Dear Diary,

In the dictionary of a 20 something unmarried young girl in conversation with society-induced paranoid adults, the word ‘marriage’ means: harassment. Living in an era where skin-deep beauty is revered, physical attention is cherished by those blessed and craved by those unpossessed and “perfect” means not susceptible to any social prejudice at the minimum. And then some more. No wonder that-vampire-in-that-forNOTgoodnesssake-Twilight-saga is a huge rage.

Therefore, there are people like my mother who, when it comes to my marriage wonder (historically with head in arms, mind deep in thought, and eyes reflecting the same light the glass table they’re staring at is reflecting), “Who will marry you?!”

Why wouldn’t anyone want to marry me? Is it because I have no vision? Does it seem like I need ‘special attention’ instead of ‘being a help around the house’? Unlike the family who say “It’s our duty”, the boy and his family would be imposed by a burden?

I do not like the word ‘burden’. Neither do I see ‘special attention’ and ‘help around the house’ as contradictions. And moreover, will the guy I would marry be perfect with no problems of his own that I wouldn’t have to compromise on?

And you know what. Thank god I have RP. This keeps me away from those idiots who fall for physical beauty, run away at the time of adversity, and blame it on the rest of the world when things go wrong. The man who’s willing to take me is willing to look adversity in the eye and take it up. And this is the man I want to live with.

So when Mom asked the epic “Who will marry you?”, “Ma…” I began slowly. “There must be some guy in this world who is..” I paused to choose my words carefully. “Open-minded?” Mom silently offered.

“Yes!” I exclaimed relieved as mom gave a tearful chuckle and a warm hug.

Mom’s strong now. She’s still fearful about groom prospects. But she has begun to accept the condition as nothing to feel ashamed of or as a pain. That’s half battle won. The quest for the man who’s willing to take me, the one I’m willing to spend my life with… still continues.

Signing off.

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