I am 20: Aamir Khan

March 15, 2010 0 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

When you are a superstar like Aamir Khan with millions of fans all across the country and abroad, your birthday is quite special. Aamir celebrated his birthday on March 14, Sunday. And despite the fact that he had lost his father only a month back he was kind enough to actually let us in to his home when we reached there to wish him. Of course we were not alone. There was the huge brigade of entertainment media crowding into the home and also some fans – all obliged by the star as he spoke to them, signed autographs and also clicked photographs with them!

We must admit it was quite amazing to see the amount of zeal in the person even as he stepped into the wrong side of 40. But then he was quick enough to remind us that he is mentally as young as his character in 3 Idiots! “I may be 45 now but mentally I don’t consider myself older than 20 years!” he says. Of course this takes a whole lot of effort too. A star’s life is never void of extreme fitness regimes and 24-hour jobs in varied conditions!

And in between acting, which has taken him to such heights of recognition, Aamir has also enveloped as an acclaimed producer and director. Sadly though this year we won’t be seeing him in any movie except a cameo in his wife Kiran Rao’s directorial debut Dhobi Ghaath. Rather he says he would be keeping himself busy with other things – spending more time with family being a prominent part of the plan. “I have a few things to learn,” he says. “I have always wanted to learn how to cook from my mother. She is a fantastic cook and makes great Sheek Kabab,” he adds. And that’s not all. “I also want to learn how to speak Marathi and to read and write Urdu. Marathi is the language of my state while Urdu is my mother tongue,” he says. While he knows how to read and write Marathi because he grew up in Mumbai, his knowledge of Urdu is restricted to his spoken ability. “Plus I also want to learn how to swim. In film I jump in water and am saved every time by someone in the crew. But this year I hope I learn it. Two years back Kiran had gifted me swimming lessons and I will be hopefully encashing that gift this year!” he quips.

On the professional front he says he has three films to release as a producer. “Only after I complete these films will I look into anything new. And depending on the scripts I get I will decide if I will direct or act!” he says. That’s despite the fact that he met James Cameroon, famed director of Avatar and Titanic, only a day ahead of his birthday to discuss films. “We discussed films in general. We are not making any films together!” he brushes off speculations. We are sure his fans would have loved him to conquer Hollywood too, but then we surely love him for staying in India where he welcomes us to his house on his birthday and treats us to a great breakfast! Our final query before leaving – Sir, could you have birthdays more often? Let’s say one a month! He of course laughs away as he wishes us luck and sees us off right till his door! Probably with great stardom, also comes super humility!

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