Twice Baked

March 15, 2010 Off By Lord Mani

Most of us like biscuits. For us, Indians, biscuits are a part of our everyday diet. Consciously or unconsciously, we have a tendency of eating/offering biscuits whenever we have guests around. And sometimes, we can be really choosy about our biscuits. For all you biscuit lovers out there, we have reviewed a bunch of biscuit brands. Check it out!

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*Parle Hide & Seek: ‘*Delicious’ is the word we use. The wrapper says “World’s best chocolate chip cookies”. What a pompous statement! It certainly tastes good but can’t be called the world’s best. When you have nothing else to do, you can try counting the number of chocolate chips per biscuit.

*Sunfeast Glucose: *If you want a branded biscuit that comes easy on your pocket, go for this one. It has an ordinary taste and the packaging is also very ordinary. Why? *Itne paise mein itna hi milega*.

*Britannia Cream Treat (Jam Cream): *This one should be an occasional speciality for your mouth to flirt with, as this adventure is relatively higher priced. Yet you will not be satisfied and crave for more. A pack contains less than ten biscuits.

*Parle Monaco: *More than the taste, it is the cheesy commercials that make one actually buy this biscuit. It is also less expensive. If you have some extra time and money to waste, then you can actually prepare toppings for this salted biscuit.

*Britannia Milk Cream: *It is designed like a smiley. I am still trying to figure out the reason behind it. Whenever I have it, it hurts my ego. I feel the biscuit is making fun of me. But the great taste constantly titillates me to get over my ego. For all those egoistic people out there, this one is a good psycho-analytical tool that comes at a moderate price.

*Britannia Nice Time: *When your mouth is sour and you want to give it some happy, chewing moments, this is the right biscuit to pick. It has a taste of coconut, with a light kiss of sugar. Munch your way to nicer times with this biscuit.

*Haque Almond & Honey Wafer:* This Bangladeshi wafer biscuit has entered India…unnoticed. The message is clear—it wants to silently immigrate into the biscuit industry in India (like the ever-increasing Bangladeshi
immigrant population in India). Unfortunately, however, it lacks in the most vital element—taste: a fact that would mar its chances of making it big in India. One pack contains three wafers.

*Britannia Nutri-Choice Digestive: *If you have a nagging boss who arouses in you the strongest homicidal tendencies, you could invite him over for a high tea and serve him this biscuit. He will choke over it and pass out at your place, or would suffer from excessive flatulence that would make his wife kill him at night. In both cases, you would be the one to benefit. This is a must-have biscuit for all those angry, frustrated and hassled people out there. Given its reasonable price, this is an inexpensive weapon of lethal nature.

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