Journey to Unknown

March 15, 2010 Off By Mani Padma


Life is a journey- They say! Destination – Unknown! Purpose –Debatable, but I am raring to go wherever life takes me.
My feet are weary and I have miles to go before I sleep- Have read it somewhere but why ponder? I am ready to go wherever life takes me.
I may stumble I may trip, but why should I worry? Happens all the time, I am ready to go wherever my feet takes me
I may despair, I may stall. I may rest, and may be halt for awhile, but of course, hey! I will be up again on my feet before you know and on my journey onwards.
I have no great plans, nor any big aspirations of achieving the unknown. I do not question the purpose of my existence because I know I am just an ordinary being.
If I am meant to walk on, then I will, for I fear not to tread where none has dared.
My feet maybe weary. My heart heavy at times but I am raring to go……

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