My Dear Nation

March 15, 2010 Off By Child Guest

Every time I see my country
I dream of many things
Think of our freedom,
That many died to bring

        Dreams of our forefathers
        And their hope the way we live
        The blood they shed for us
        Was the price they vowed to give

Great were the people
Knew well what they laid out,
They sacrificed so much
To bring this all out

        Each year we celebrate
        What those before us gave
        So that we remember
        Those who lie peacefully in the grave

We faced many storms
And made many big mistakes
But strive to make life better
And will do what it may take

        We celebrate our nation’s birth
        Across our land and sea
        Will remember all our heroes
        Who died to make us free.

-Kaviya Lalchandani.
 Class VII A

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