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By Editor

Strangers – strangers in most movies are shown to be smiling , genuine persons who arrive in one’s life as…

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Taxi for sure

By Harshdip Singh

Someone has wisely said, “Life happens when you are busy making other plans”. You never plan life, it just happens.…

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Visualizing thoughts:

By Vinayak Gole

Computing has always been about numbers. A number to denote ‘ON’ and another to denote ‘OFF’. And more of these…

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By Kanchan Bhattacharya

  RD was a kid, less than seven years of service in uniform, just married, the father of  an infant,…

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Whenever you come!!!

By Fried Guest

by Preeti Venkateshan Ouch!  Ahhh!!!! “Here you go again, I would be glad if you could keep your hands confined”,…

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Who Am I

By Fried Eye

–  Maggie Deka It’s but natural to question yourself why someone does not understand you the exact way you want…