Rain upon the monsoon road side



White cranes,

Amid soaring clouds


Rain dithers

Above farmers


Monsoon winds declare

She would burn pining, at stake

Those clouds- cruel, insane


Green rice fields, straw hats,

Bent women sing songs, deep love

Lonely scarecrows watch


The slanted droplets

Upon windows messages

A raincoat flutters


In soft rhymes, gently

Monsoon sang as rivulets

Drew murals on Earth


Wet walls, dark sketches

Rain seeped strange calligraphy

Pitter-patter pats


Then you smile again

Like rain, wetness beneath eyes

Sometimes hides stories


Thunder sounds gently

As my heart roars, you arrive,

Into my parched soul


Rain, a tar road winds

Up hills, a man and woman

Wait for bus, kissing



Is like

This rain

Seedlings of wishes begin



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