Step by step approach to moving your career forward

Step by step approach to moving your career forward

July 15, 2013 Off By Fried Guest

by Emily Spencer


All the time people seem to be unhappy in their careers and are not sure what to do as they don’t have what they want. To move the career forward there are number of areas which one need to consider. It’s high time to know where you are, where you want to be and how can you get there. I believe that people do not move forward in their careers because of many reasons. Once they overcome these reasons they are ready to go. So here are some secrets essential to move the career forward.

Steps To Move Career Forward:

Positive Thinking and being in control: 

Though it would sound deceptively simple but one should try to embrace the power of positive thinking. Positive thinking is very important to be successful in almost every field. If one would think that something bad will happen to their job then probably something bad will happen. So good and positive thinking is always necessary to move the career forward.

In order to prosper it is important to be in control and manage your own career properly. To receive acknowledgement and better opportunities it is time to be proactive

Make Goals: 

It is one of the best way to improve your career. It can be short term – or a long term goal. No matter the goal is of a single day, a month or several years but defining goals helps in achieving the career vision. Goals can be of a promotion, increment in the salary or any other such type of thing. If one would run towards their goals then one can attain success in their career.

Evaluating Current Situation:

One should always keep the resume ready as it would provide the necessary confidence and also updating the resume with new employment experiences and skills. No matter you are looking for a job or you already have one job, an updated resume is always good for the career. Another thing one should look is that whether the resume reflects the personal brand or not. The resume is not only about the individual but it is also about the career as a whole.


Networking should be a part of a professional life. Business Networking is a low cost marketing method for developing sales opportunities based on referrals, face to face contact method, or any other method such as phone, email and networking sites etc. Hence networking is very essential for career progress.


Fear is a normal phenomena as everyone is afraid of something.. In a way fear can be regarded as a good thing as it protects someone from getting into harmful situations. Fear of failing will always help you in succeeding. At the same time it is equally important to recognize the actual reason for fear as it can hinder you from getting forward in the career also. Many people just sit and think that they will act when the fear will disappear however fear doesn’t goes on its own. One needs to eliminate fear. Fear goes when the mindset becomes pro-active rather than re-active.

Find a mentor:

A mentor is someone who helps you in providing proper guidance and giving true feedback that will help to move in the career path in  a better way. A mentor should be someone that holds a solid reputation and has many contacts within the community. He or she can be a co worker, business leader, college professor or a manager. One should always try to look for their advice.


To be ahead one needs to be informed. Checking job boards and job postings on a regular basis is a good habit. Reading magazine, newspaper, and blogs helps in learning something that can boost your career. Explore new jobs, make new contacts and try something that you really want to do in life. One should also learn a minimum of two new skills in a year. The skills could be manager recommended, in – demand and that can develop a particular person character. It is good to educate yourself no matter how old you are.

Keep your ears and eyes open:

You are networking, you have created and updated the resume, you are learning new skills and you are also thinking positive, so now the time has come to get creative too. It can be achieved by creating your own opportunities. Rather than thinking that it cannot happen and sitting one should try new ways to reach there and achieve your goal.

Note: One should always believe that one has the power to make things happen.


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