Taxi for sure

Taxi for sure

July 16, 2013 Off By Harshdip Singh

Someone has wisely said, “Life happens when you are busy making other plans”. You never plan life, it just happens. And the good part is, it just happens every minute, every second


Not knowingly, very soon we all get involved in our day to day planning and forget the bottom-line. Forgetting that the purpose of life is to give life a purpose.



Sometimes we come across stories of inspiration in our day to day life. There are heroes even among us. They are not talked about, written about , nor do we try to remember what their stories are , but they are a flash of inspiration to many, if you pause and read their lives. Stories about a purpose, of human endurance, dreams and daring to dream! They make not make up fairy tale success stories, but they are successful in their own right, because they had a dream, a vision and the urge to work for their goals in spite of the day to day setbacks that fate keeps sending to us , mere mortals.


It can be anybody’s story, You , me , us, that vendor who had started with a cart and now who has three stalls in three areas, the milkman who supplies a whole area, the medical graduate from the chawl, a CEO, an entrepreneur, the businessman – anyone who stuck to what they believed and pursued what they believed to the end.

And this story that we have is one such story. A simple one , but for the two founders may be their most precious dreams. But we are coming back to the dream a tad later…


A human thinks of owning something he has always done for most part of his conscious living. A barber always wants to own a saloon, a designer always wants to own a brand, an engineer always wants to own an engineered solution to a problem for masses and similarly, a management graduate would always want to own managed process of a solution.


That being said, think of what two engineers would want to own. Very simple, double of what a single engineer would want. Now think what two management graduates would want to own. Correct ! Double of what a single management would own. Here’s the catch, what would two engineer-mba graduates want to own. NO, its not doubling this time. They want to own the solution to the problems faced by masses. Engineer the way to it and process the system for it.  A problem that holds a special “place” in their heart

How do they know the problem ? They have faced and gone through it themselves.




Here is how you come across the foundation story of a very emerging platform, Taxi For Sure.

What is Taxi For Sure? we are coming to that soon . But first some questions which goes round and round in riddles


How often do we see the plans made in deep emotions come true? Or the plans made in the moonlight at 2 am?  Probably 1 out of 100. Ok let’s say 2?


And no, Taxi For Sure is not out of the two. Very interestingly, Taxi for Sure was the outcome of some mugs of beer and thankfully some tissue papers.


Did this actually happen?  Straight from the horse’s mouth, this was how it transpired


It started as a friendship. Two guys who had a long history together. Both met each other during their engineering days in NIT-Surathkal. Friends since then, both worked for different organizations after engineering when they again met in college in IIM-A for their MBA degrees.


The co-founder of the company, Raghunandan says “We were 3 mugs down and knew about this problem. We thought no one better than us can solve this problem. Lets do it”.

And whom was he speaking this to! The other co-founder  Aprameya.


What was the problem?

Raghu and Appu, both had to travel extensively for their job throughout the country. The travelling was quite frequent too and after landing in some unknown cities, getting to the destination was a problem. Due to lack of faithful cabs and highly unorganized sector, booking a taxi (which might consist of less than 1% of your travel planning nowadays) was becoming an issue.

Usually in such scenario there are two ways you can proceed – you either keep complaining of the system or have a system built to organize the sector.


They wanted a one-place solution for last minute cab cancellations, delayed and dirty cabs and easy accessibility. Why? Because they understood the value of it.


The difference between a common man and an entrepreneur is only in the vision. A common man would see the cab service as a minor thing and not much to explore in this. An entrepreneur sees the problems faced by people due to cabs as an issue to be addressed at all quarters and would love to provide that range of service that he or she himself would have loved to be provided with. Hence they decide to address this precisely in that manner. These two decided to make the cab service not just easy and For Sure, they decided to make it a delightful experience.


Ordinarily, at a first glance, it’s just too simple to book a cab. What is the effort in booking a cab? But it is a simple process just because the people behind it are making it that easy for you. It’s very easy to make things half complete and difficult for the end users and similarly, it is extremely difficult to put things in place and make it look simple for everyone.

Like all other value for money organisations, TaxiForSure belongs to the second part.


Updated to the latest technology, the team believes its customers to be of the highest value.


The most striking part of Taxi for sure was their commitment to not only the end users but also an attempt to include the population from the economically backward classes. Their ‘service’ is not just servicing the clients and people who want to use the service, but it also means a change in the way of life of the society. TaxiForSure is helping the auto-ricksaw drivers and daily wage drivers turn into taxi drivers and increasing their income quite highly.


A good business does not mean killing the business of small vendors and local daily wage earners. It is also about aggregating different unorganized operators to unite and organise for the best optimum performance- A win-win situation for everybody.


Armed with people of immense experience, youngsters of extreme enthusiasm , imagination and extreme confidence, TaxiForSure is the thing to watch out for in the future.

As for our story you may wonder what it was all about?  A taxi service? No it wasn’t just about a ‘taxi service’ only but it was an example of a story that may be yours or mine, buried among mundane matters but which stands out in our eyes simply because of its principle of striving not to be the exceptionally best, but for striving to be better than the rest.


“The passion lies in saying, that we do not fail in our commitments. We celebrate our work and nothing gives us more happiness than serving the people.


Do watch out for us. Your needs, our service, a bond ForSure.”


This lines from them says it all

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