Author: Vinayak Gole

I am a nobody. In the Matrix, I am a software engineer, struggling to survive in the race to nowhere. I lead a normal happily married life, full of the usual hope and apprehensions. I worry about small things, I crib about low wages, I hate the politicians and their policies and wish I had a better life. Outside the Matrix, however, it is a different story. I put on my earphones, cut myself away from the fake world and let my fingers take me to a world of dreams and fantasy. I do not complain here, in this world of words and puntuations. I find divinty with the Almighty when I write.I write about life, my experiences, my hopes, my wishes and some stuff not at all related to me. And music is the blue pill which takes me out of this everyday life. It is the Bodhi Tree under which I stand enlightened. So this then is my world. I can also be found at:
January 15, 2013 Off

The small wonder

By Vinayak Gole

Almost all of us have grown up and even old with “Utterly Butterly Delicious”, the quintessential tagline of one of…

October 15, 2012 Off

In the shadows

By Vinayak Gole

Silence: The night is silent. An occasional cricket buzzing away to attract attention, a rare vehicle in a hurry to…

September 15, 2012 Off

The Drowning Lesson

By Vinayak Gole

They say the best teacher in life is Experience. And there is learning in everything that we face and everything…

July 1, 2012 Off

Umbrella Romance

By Vinayak Gole

Overcast skies, a chill in the wind and a prediction that has gone wrong as always. Sounds familiar? Yes, the…