Umbrella Romance

Umbrella Romance

July 1, 2012 Off By Vinayak Gole

Overcast skies, a chill in the wind and a prediction that has gone wrong as always. Sounds familiar? Yes, the rains are here. Surprising the common man with this year’s quota of lightening, thunder and sneezes and attacking when least expected, the rainy season is perhaps the

only season which gets compliments and curses all at the same time. If the farmer is showering his praises on the rain Gods, the city office goer is full of the choicest vituperations for the same gods and of course the government. The rains are here, and so are overflowing emotions.


It’s a funny season. A season of contradictions. If there is the smell of garbage, there’s also the smell of wet earth. If there is the dirt and the muck, there is also the natural cleansing. If there’s the noise of horns, there’s also the music of the birds. If there’s the anger and the shorting of tempers, there’s also the feeling of love. Rains have always been hailed as the season of romance. Something in the air, that whips up the emotions and churns up those hormones. Ooh ya! The rains are here.

Perhaps the best times of our lonely lives have been spent with those loved ones holding hands watching the rains. Or perhaps at the roadside tea stall, sipping the hot beverage. Or spent traditionally getting drenched in the rains. Well, whatever the story is, the idea is clear, the rains do have a secret place in our hearts wherein we have actually enjoyed the weather. Given a chance to break away from the rigmarole routine of everyday life, who would not want to live or relive those days?

Ooh and the rains are not just for memories, the season is also the time when cupid is on tour with an extra set of arrows. It’s a fantastic time to be in love. So, if you have been losing out on quality time with your partner, this is the time to step out. It really does not matter where you are, the rains come with additional compliments for lovers.

Well there is nothing much for me to write. It would be highly inappropriate and “auntyish” on my part to pour advice on how to woo and reciprocate. Love has to be felt and not taught. And who has ever managed to teach someone how to fall in love. That being said, I guess, I would wind up here fast. It’s pouring outside and I better make the most of what I love them most. Put on some nice music, snuggle up inside my blanket and pick up my lover in my arms-my latest read. Enjoy the rains while you can. They last only three months!!

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