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Five must have Android Apps


Five must have Android Apps:

Finally got your Android phone? So, now its time to visit Google Play and load it up with apps then. But the sheer number of apps on the Play store can be overwhelming for any user. Apart from the productivity tools and the games, some of the basic apps that one needs to run an Android phone are:

  1. Apps2SD:

The Android OS by default installs all the apps into the phone memory. And with each app installed, there is less space left for the everyday processes to run. Apps2SD makes life easier for the frantic app fanatic by moving installed apps to the SD card. The interface is easy and the move to the SD card is seamless.


  1. File Commander:

So, everything gets dumped onto the SD card-music, apps, pictures, documents and everything under the screen. But how do you find it? Try the file commander. Never miss anything anywhere with this amazing piece of software for the Android.


  1. System Tuner:

Some of the features are for the pro version which is paid but this system tuner is an absolute must for any android phone. The app not only offers a window to closely monitor the Android system but also offers innumerable tweaks to make it perform better.


  1. Evernote:

Never forget anything! Evernote not only lets you create text notes but also photo notes and voice notes. Store your ideas, tips and even memories as pictures. The app also lets you tag your notes and upload them on the cloud so they can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


  1. Whatsapp:

Seen initially as a chat client for the mobile, Whatsapp is now one of the must have apps for the Android. With data connections getting cheaper and affordable Whatsapp has only gained more popularity. The app seamlessly integrates the phones address book with its existing account for syncing contacts.

The Android is growing and so are the apps. The list above might not be so useful after a while. That is how technology works, but if you are a newly converted Android user, the above tools should set you free.

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