Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

July 15, 2012 Off By Vinayak Gole

Home Sweet Home:

When I first landed in the US of A, it was a dream come true. I was finally in the land of fast cars, spicy burgers, Jack Daniels and fantastic gadgets. The initial couple of months could only be described as being in heaven. But then, within six months, it was over. I was back in hell. I was missing the dirty stench, the crowded streets and the street food of Mumbai. I was missing Home…Sweet Home.

And that is how home works, isn’t it? So what is it about a place that drives us back to it? Is it the comfort of the furniture? Or the protection that the walls offer? Or is it just the warmth of the fire? A home is not just about four walls but the place around it, the feeling of being that it brings along with it. Every piece around those four walls has a significance of its own, memories of its own. A home is where we get the sense of belonging.

I have heard people banter on about how wonderfully their home is decked up. And I wonder… is that what a home is about? It’s a house that is being mentioned here. A home is where the heart is and not all the interior decoration. A home grows on you, a home draws you to it, a home misses you. And no amount of cosmetic decoration is going to make it feel any more better.

Even in these modern times when the entire world is up for grabs and the lure of a career governs the travelling and living patterns, our home draws us. How ecstatic is the feeling of feeling the home turf after a migration? Even the air seems to have its own unique flavour. A home is that part of our lives; we always try to get away from. We may find a million reasons for not being in the place that makes us feel liked, feel special. But the Home always draws us. And that is why it is Home..Sweet Home.

Home is such a wonderful place that it has found place in every bit of our culture. From poems to songs and from writings to paintings, a home is perhaps the most covered subject in any form of art. But also perhaps the most ignored. As we try desperately to find our own place on the planet, what we are also trying to find is to find out own “place”, a place to call our own, a place called home.

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