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Are you coming?

By Tan

I am gonna fly now Gonna fly real high now, I’ve no time to rest I shall be soon the…

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By Jumi B

Lost was I, somewhere in the dark; Veiled by the shadows of despair: My soul derelicted by the waves of…

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New Year Resolution

By Miss Cellany

Its New Years Eve. And it has worked up frenzy among some of us to take New Year Resolutions. Habituated…

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Wise Bachelor

By Wise Bachelor

In the dark recesses of a Delhi office, Fried Eye spotted a young man quoting a cheap Hindi writer and imparting gyan to all and sundry around him. The accessible man that he is, we came to know from Wise Bachelor his story. He first made an impression when he dirtied the hospital nurse’s dress and spared his mother from the smelly truth that she has a son who shall rub all on their wrong sides with his uncanny wit. As he grew up, he took a keen interest in life and everything around him; third-grade movies, K-serials and Indian politics became his favourite subjects. As a veteran of five failed romantic relationships, Fried Eye decided to offer him the role of an Agony Uncle; WB took the offer as he was more than willing to give many people a square deal.

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Review: Bolo Raam

By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Cast: Rishi Bhutani, Padmini Kolahpuri, Om Puri, Govind Namdeo, Naseeruddin Shah, Disha Pandey, Krishan Khatra Director: Rakkesh Chaturvedi ‘OM’ Producer:…

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By Mani Padma

My daughter… my sweet little daughter. How I love this photograph. It is going to be probably my last memory…