Lost was I, somewhere in the dark;
Veiled by the shadows of despair:
My soul derelicted by the waves of time,
My heart depredated by a sudden gush of wind,
Marooned was I, on a lonely island
With solitude as my sole solace-
None to share a tear or a smile,
None to give me an ounce of love.

And then you came, like, like the first rays of the sun,
That illuminates the darkest of the dark;
You flowed like a never-ending stream,
That changes the desert into a river new.
You infiltrated unknowingly,
And held my hand that had turned to ice-
I turned back into my old self again
And found myself in a world so new
With the sun shining, swallows chirping
And daffodils swaying gracefully to the tunes of the breeze
My tears gave way to a smile so great,
And I learned to live and love again:
For every word you spoke,
And every smile you gave:
Made me live life once again,
And gave me hope anew;
Making my world full of bliss,
Just like the Heaven above!

-Jumi Bhattacharya

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  1. 3 cheers……….. quite n insider’s view into the nitty-gritties of ur mind……… kip it up

  2. Manas

    Nice one…….keep it up

  3. Surath

    tamam senti…..kaandi kaandi likhi asu
    jokes apart,brilliant stuff

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