Review: Accident on Hill Road

January 1, 2010 1 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Cast: Celina Jaitley, Abhimanyu Singh, Farooque Shaikh

Director: Mahesh Nair

Producer: Nari Hira


There is a scene in Accident On Hill Road when a small boy and his mother find that a person is stuck on the windshield of car parked inside the garage of the neighborhood bungalow. They understand that they should do something to save the man and hence the woman calls up her carpenter husband. That was one of the times I forced myself to a laugh. A carpenter to get a body out of a car is quite an idea! Sadly though the carpenter in the film decides it is none of his or his family’s business. Hence the trauma of the man stuck in the windshield continues, and so does our trauma of watching the film.

Remake of an independent film called Stuck made in the US some years back expectations were that Accident On Hill Road would be an interesting watch. And the expectations were also raised considering the presence of Farooque Shaikh. However by the time the movie ends it is clear that it is no accident but deliberate lack of interest that makes it a bad film.

A man (Farooque Shaikh) is run over by a car driven by a drunk girl (Celina Jaitley) and he is stuck in the windshield but refuses to die. The petrified drives the car to her house in the same state and keeps it in the garage. The man does not die. When he asks for her help she just whacks him with a bat asking him to die.

Directed by debutant Mahesh Nair this film is a great example of lack on details and efforts to make a watchable product. The film is written badly and shot shabbily. Dialogues never make sense and the characters do anything but help create drama – which was supposed to be the intention.

Accident On Hill Road as a story was supposed to throw light on human behaviour – how people are shallow enough to leave someone to die rather than helping him. And how the wish to have a better future drives people evil to such extents that they could induce it to someone else too! But it does it in a rather forced way – almost amateurish at times. This is one accident you know you could avoid. And we shall not even talk about performances.

To end it, there would probably be just one person who benefits from this movie – Abhimanyu Singh. He gets to romance a sizzling Celina Jaitley and even shoots a steamy and completely unrequired scene with the actress. Relax guys there is nothing to see.

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