Are you coming?

I am gonna fly now
Gonna fly real high now,
I’ve no time to rest
I shall be soon the best!
Are you coming?
Are you coming, my love?

Together we can
We can make it happen
It will not be you and me
Now the world will see.
Are you coming?
Are you coming, my friend?

My wings are growing
My thoughts are flowing,
Come, share some feathers
And lets get together.
Are you coming?
Are you coming, my brother?

It will be lots of fun
There’ll be roses, no guns
What a wonderful journey
In peace and harmony!
Aren’t you coming?
Aren’t you coming, my people?

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  1. jumi

    good piece of poetry!

  2. Fried Eye

    Very apt for our first issue. 🙂

  3. Tan

    Thanks Rakib… this is something I wrote a long time ago… but then, I thought it would match this occasion well… Happy that you liked it 🙂 I’m happy to be here…

  4. Rakib

    Hi Tan….

    long time … and i got to read this nice poetry… really lovely……inspiring and energetic…….. well come to FE………

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