New Year Resolution

January 1, 2010 Off By Miss Cellany

Its New Years Eve. And it has worked up frenzy among some of us to take New Year Resolutions. Habituated to acting in a pack (umm well almost) I have decided to take a resolution too…
I have most resolutely resolved to be proud of being a Female- with all its inherent strengths and shortcomings.

Whoa! What a resolution you may say. Amounts to having no resolution at all. Well, actually think again. Being a female can have its own sets of positives and negatives. And that is without even adding additional labels of careers, dreams, responsibilities -familial or otherwise.

Yes, dear diary, I love being a female. And I realize that in all these years, I have never once told you how happy I am being one. So let me begin this New Year by letting you into this little secret. They say the female is the weaker sex. I am not ashamed to belong to the physically weaker sex. In fact, I love being labelled the weaker sex. See the perks it gets us. Reserved seats , special trains , special queues at counters etc. I mean what’s there to be ashamed of ? It’s not our fault if we were made with weaker skeletal structure. (Plus, I do believe we have greater cunning to compensate it buts let’s not say that too loudly.) You see, I never believed in equal rights. Equal rights are just a compromise. I want what was rightfully ours – all the rights. In whatever way possible. So self respect and seats, guys? Be darned. They were always ours.

But then being female is not just about seats and transportation perks. There are larger issues involved with violence and victimization being the two omnipresent capital Vs in the whole game. Flippant as it may sound,domestic violence however doesn’t arise because the perpetrator realises one fine day that the person sharing a roof with him is a female and has to be beaten black or blue. Rather a sick person will beat up anyone who he/she knows is going to take it lying down- be it a wife , children or even old parents. No male/female issue here. And when it comes to dowry, rape,molestation and what have you, the solution to the ills definitely does not lie in being ashamed of one’s gender. Victimsation is present everywhere. Every person, male/female/transgender and every animal must have been bullied at least once in life. Its the law of nature. Remember the food chain? Yes, something similar. It has nothing to do with being a female and the only way to tackle it is to catch the bull by the horns… Survival of the fittest you see.

So then diary dear, this year I will happily take you on a few (bumpy) trips on the joys and perils of being a female. Hope you are game for it!!!

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