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July 1, 2014 Off

Thought for the moment !

By Fried Eye

-Nikita Hazarika We live in a country where we worship “Durga-Kali-Saraswati”. They say Women are the “Lakshmi” of the family…

April 15, 2014 Off

The Fat One Speaks

By Fried Guest

– by Sandhya Narzary Hello, I am Sandie, and I’m fat. You did not just walk into Obese Organisms Anonymous,…

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SICK Commenting

By Fried Guest

By Hillarium   Sick commenting! Sounds dreadful right? But halt! It is nothing about diseases or ailments. Nor am I…

March 15, 2014 Off

AAP -a mirage?

By Fried Eye

By Yogesh Pandey We were hopeless with the state of politics of India. We believed nothing could change in the…