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By Editor

As the year ends, and I come to think about the important events in my life this year, I see…

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Found & Lost

By Fried Guest

A Mirror Cinquain by Arunansu Bandyopadhyay fusing the two ice cubes shaped like two frigid hearts

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The Hanging

By Vinayak Gole

And he hangs there alone, quiet on the tree, looking down at the world,unlike them he’s free. The world unfair,…

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Ah! December

By Tinam Borah

The blue sky, covered with white mist, In the early morning of a cold December day The icy cold wind,

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December Blues

By Manjil P. Saikia

He was happy at last because he thought that love had broken away the chilliness of the winter. Or had…

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Chinky Egg Curry

By Sanzeeta

This edition, I bring you Pramathesh’s recipe on making a simple fast egg curry with ready to cook Chinese Schezuan…