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Ah! December


The blue sky, covered with white mist,
In the early morning of a cold December day
The icy cold wind,
The fresh aura
Encloses me in a blanket of love.
And, I can’t but smile…
“Winter is here again”
The sky has cast a different spell,
It seems like it is showering love,
Like before, like every December!
Memories flicker in my mind, of chilly December evenings
Long walks, in solitude
Yet, feeling content…
The happy days,
In the welcoming warmth of the sun…
There was sunshine, there was life
There were many smiles
Because it was December!
December is here again,
With promises and eternal hope
A year dies, and a new one is born,
And a new life arises… Ah! December…

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A freelance journalist by profession and a writer by passion. Born and brought up in Tezpur, Assam. An alumni of Tezpur University. An active member of the Rotaract Club of Tezpur Yuva. True to the characteristics of a true Geminian, she is an ardent communicator, loves to talk and spends her time watching movies, reading novels and indulging in creative writing. A lover of music and pursues singing as a hobby. An optimist by nature and loves to wear a smile on her face. She can also be reached at her website Misteerious Mind(mistee9.wordpress.com.)


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