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Chef’s Pick: EarthStudio


This corner is for individuals, events or groups who spin their own tales with a twist, and thereby make a difference to the way we live, see and feel things. We hunted around for an apt start to the column and zeroed in on a Delhi-based company as the first Chef’s Pick.
EarthStudio is a venture committed to the application of “green design principles in Building Science” and has been around since 2008. The primary goal of the company is to integrate environmental design principles with the physics of building to achieve the lowest consumption of energy, while maximizing comfort. We spoke to the Principal of EarthStudio, Mr. Gerald Pde. Following are the excerpts.



He looked at it longingly. He only had five, but it cost ten. He did not want to ask anyone for the rest. Why was he so unfortunate? With a heavy heart he gave the Scorpio a last look.

Just then a little beggar went by shouting: “My lucky day. Madam gave me ten rupees!”



An expression of anger can be liberation.

When Mike Wool was a young boy, he was called ‘Springs’. Not for nothing. He could leap and run and shoot in the basketball court like he had spring on his soles.

They also called him shy, but they weren’t too correct in that. Mike was quiet, but the great NBA star was famous in the tabloids for sudden violent outbursts. A glimpse of the faint scar on his neck and it would all come rushing back to him; his father pushing him to practice, thrashing him when he didn’t want to. He built that anger in him to such a mountain that peace became a flimsy, elusive word. Now sitting on the benches for the game to begin, he hated the kids in the stands for their childhood, for being able to watch the game without being expected to learn from it to be the best.

as the River flows : A Prologue


Independent filmmaker Bidyut Kotoky has his own production house, dhruv creative production. His documentary, Bhraimyoman Theatre—where Othello sails with Titanic, which was produced by IN2 Infotainment India in association with dhruv creative, got a Special Jury Mention in the 53rd National Film Awards. Bidyut has written and directed a his maiden feature film, ‘as the River flows’, which was which was mentored by the famed Binger’s Film Lab of Amsterdam. He also attended Rotterdam Film Festival’s producer lab on Jan 2009.

Apart from as the River flows, Bidyut is presently also involved in another docu-venture titled ‘Of many lives’ that is based on the Buddhist belief of reincarnation.

When he is not making films, Bidyut loves to do still photography,travel, read and play cricket.

Are you coming?


I am gonna fly now
Gonna fly real high now,
I’ve no time to rest
I shall be soon the best!
Are you coming?
Are you coming, my love?

Together we can
We can make it happen
It will not be you and me
Now the world will see.
Are you coming?
Are you coming, my friend?



Lost was I, somewhere in the dark;
Veiled by the shadows of despair:
My soul derelicted by the waves of time,
My heart depredated by a sudden gush of wind,
Marooned was I, on a lonely island
With solitude as my sole solace-
None to share a tear or a smile,
None to give me an ounce of love.

New Year Resolution


Its New Years Eve. And it has worked up frenzy among some of us to take New Year Resolutions. Habituated to acting in a pack (umm well almost) I have decided to take a resolution too…
I have most resolutely resolved to be proud of being a Female- with all its inherent strengths and shortcomings.

Whoa! What a resolution you may say. Amounts to having no resolution at all. Well, actually think again. Being a female can have its own sets of positives and negatives. And that is without even adding additional labels of careers, dreams, responsibilities -familial or otherwise.

Wise Bachelor


In the dark recesses of a Delhi office, Fried Eye spotted a young man quoting a cheap Hindi writer and imparting gyan to all and sundry around him. The accessible man that he is, we came to know from Wise Bachelor his story. He first made an impression when he dirtied the hospital nurse’s dress and spared his mother from the smelly truth that she has a son who shall rub all on their wrong sides with his uncanny wit. As he grew up, he took a keen interest in life and everything around him; third-grade movies, K-serials and Indian politics became his favourite subjects. As a veteran of five failed romantic relationships, Fried Eye decided to offer him the role of an Agony Uncle; WB took the offer as he was more than willing to give many people a square deal.

Wish me a Happy New Year


“You don’t have sufficient fund” – spat the monitor of the ATM machine right across my face.
What???I dont even have 300 rupees in my account?

I entered 200 rupees. After a long counting sound ATM machine puked two hundred rupee notes. Thank God .Hope salary will be credited tomorrow in first half. I will be able to last tonight out with this two hundred : 50 rupees Old Monk rum.100 rupees food. Ekdum perfect New Year!! and 50 rupees will be in my pocket after that…Waah savings of this year! ( I usually talk to myself when I am alone.)

Review: Raat Gayi Baat Gayi?


Cast: Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia, Dalip Tahil, Iravati Harshe, Anu Menon, Navniit Nisshan and Ranvir Shorey

Director: Saurabh Shukla

Music: Ankur Tiwari


Hangovers, all of us will agree, are something that tends to leave behind quite a headache and sometimes more. And trouble could just increase if you are struck by some forbidden beauty, especially if you are a married man. ‘Raat Gayi Baat Gayi?’ takes you through one such situation in a rather light hearted manner. And it is complete with Indian sensibilities. So much that it is quite predictable actually. But then it is enjoyable at the same time.

Review: Accident on Hill Road


Cast: Celina Jaitley, Abhimanyu Singh, Farooque Shaikh

Director: Mahesh Nair

Producer: Nari Hira


There is a scene in Accident On Hill Road when a small boy and his mother find that a person is stuck on the windshield of car parked inside the garage of the neighborhood bungalow. They understand that they should do something to save the man and hence the woman calls up her carpenter husband. That was one of the times I forced myself to a laugh. A carpenter to get a body out of a car is quite an idea! Sadly though the carpenter in the film decides it is none of his or his family’s business. Hence the trauma of the man stuck in the windshield continues, and so does our trauma of watching the film.

Review: Bolo Raam


Cast: Rishi Bhutani, Padmini Kolahpuri, Om Puri, Govind Namdeo, Naseeruddin Shah, Disha Pandey, Krishan Khatra

Director: Rakkesh Chaturvedi ‘OM’

Producer: Goldy


What a week! Actors like Naseeuddin Shah, Om Puri, Farooque Shaikh all wasted! While Farooque Shaikh may be feeling cheated in Accident On Hill Road, I am feeling worse cheated after watching Bolo Raam, and only wondering what made an actor like Naseeruddin Shah take that film, especially when he hardly had a role in it.



My daughter… my sweet little daughter.
How I love this photograph. It is going to be probably my last memory of yours.
Your innocent smile, eyes tightly shut, shutting away the caterpillar ,willing it to go away from your world…
How I wish it was easy to shut things away from this precious world of ours- unpleasant unwanted things…
There is a war going on here. Tomorrow I will be sent to the front to fight. Am I afraid? Yes! I am. Afraid of losing you all. Afraid of what I might have to do there. Afraid of what might be done to me. There we are robbed of our souls and stripped of our humanity
I wish I could shut the war away by closing my eyes. But it is not easy my love.
That day I killed a militant. He was just 16 years old.
I wish I could shut away the memory of his mother crying over his dead body.
I am torn between my love and duty for my country and my own principles.
I wish I could shut away those doubts and insecurities by closing my eyes ….

And I wish most that, the next time I met you I could meet you with my eyes open and not shut.