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I Need You….!

By Rakib

All the pictured moments are scattered all around me. All the perfect moments are lost in the darkness. Memories of…

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Just Once Again…

By Jumi B

Gone away are you, away from me, In search of an inexplicable something; Dispersed are those moments, dispersed with time-

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Another Love Story

By Mani Padma

Part – 1 Air, water, earth -three elements of nature- How naturally they coexist. Each in perfect harmony with the…

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Good News

By Fried Eye News Service

Manas sanctuary set to get 6 rhino guests Manas Sanctuary is all set to get 6 more rhinos afresh. Courtesy…

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By Hashan Hazarika

“Are you giving TV free with this?” “aap bhi kyaaa bolte sirjee” “1kg mutton 350 rupees…You will not take much…

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By Editor

Dear Readers, Welcome back to yet another issue of FriedEye. February brings to all of us a new season, a…

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Black Magic Woman

By Miss Cellany

With a song on my lips and spring in my steps I set out for my workplace this morning. Everything…

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Wise Bachelor

By Wise Bachelor

Q. Meri girlfriend mujhe maarti hai. I love her, but when she hits, she hits really hard. I don’t retaliate…

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By Aien

Alice in wonderland wandered down into an upside-down world. What to do to escape from reality?

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In Memory’s Lap

By Pratibha

Ideas storm my tiny brain you won’t rest, will you ? another nudge to the cells eye should not miss…

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Fashion Fads !

By Fried Guest

“Fashion”… a vague word with tremendous significance for the stylish folk world over. The trend of following fashion fads, I…