Author: Mapra Duo

November 29, 2010 Off

Wishes can be true

By Mapra Duo

Ria had her choices defined. She prayed for a husband who was in a creative job, played with money, did…

August 1, 2010 Off

My Little Fairy

By Mapra Duo

Prison had aged him but now he was back to where he belonged- to her memories. The woods –where they…

July 15, 2010 Off


By Mapra Duo

The lipstick mark in his shirt was a stinging slap to her. She bit her lips hard to prevent a…

July 1, 2010 Off

Flooded memories

By Mapra Duo

It was raining so hard that it felt as if a river was flowing from heaven to earth. At last…

June 15, 2010 Off

World Cup Fever

By Mapra Duo

The matches were starting from today. The opening ceremony was just as hyped. A show of extravagance!

May 1, 2010 Off


By Mapra Duo

She was late today. He was starting to get impatient. Though the eagerness was palpable, none of it was visible…

April 15, 2010 Off

The Call V1.0

By Mapra Duo

(… continued from The Call V1.0) Swapan kept on staring towards infinity for sometime before taking off the head set.…