your slum is my home

Don’t give that look because I’m used to it or you can say it hardly bothers me.

Why me, why not you.

Even I was inside the dark world for nine long months;

Even my mom bored the pain, then why only me?

You say you are hungry and you get burgers, I put my hands forward and say I’m starving;

“Get-off”, that’s what I get to eat.

You complain about the color of your cardigan and I hardy posses a rag to cover my bare carcass.

A tear roll down and your cheek is covered with kisses;

I keep screaming and I get kicks rather.

Every morning I get upset to know I’m still viable and then it’s time for me to get into the real world.

You do nothing and get everything, I travail day and night and at the end of the day I get to hear that I’m a ‘phony’.

I deserve more than you, still I beg you.

You call me ‘moron’ and you get everything.

I might never have flown in an aircraft but in my dreams I have zoomed higher than you in the clouds.

So Don’t Give That Look, I Don’t Deserve It.

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  1. noshin kausar

    thnx alot everyone 🙂

  2. its simply sumthing dat touched my heart.Nothing more nothing less to say..simply MARVELLOUS:)

  3. Gunjana Dey

    The poem is nice but please check the line ‘Even my mother bored the pain’….the past tense of ‘bear’ is ‘bore’, not ‘bored’.

  4. parag

    these lines cnt be writen by n ordinary person….. only person wid pure heart wid da feelings to sumthing gud 4 others cn write dis all…. gud wrk …….. kip it up….c’kool……

  5. sana fatima khan

    it feels really good that you are working on subjects like this……….in a world where people die to establish their careers in the field of fashion photography…….. KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP………………. N MIND U …… MY COMMENTS ARE TOTALLY UNBIASED IRRESPECTIVE OF CAMARADERIE WE SHARE……….

  6. sana fatima khan

    hey u remember the day u made me read this poem on your PC and showed me this pic……….. i said mindblowing photography and but as far as poem is comcerned the poet has actually emphasized on a category of beggars…… n when u told me the poet is non other than u ” ma jaw dropped down”………… since then i have been saying and will keep on please continue writing………. as you are fantabulous with the job…. i can see youe a great future ahead as a creative….. take my words for this…………. anyways this blog will b a witness of ma words………….

  7. Ritu Baruah

    Great going Noshin Keep it up

  8. tooba shamsi

    awesome shots and amazing lyrics of the poem compels us to give a second thought over our attitude towards street children.. Way to go noshin.. Keep it up!!

  9. farhan

    Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures….
    exactly u did it wid ur camera.. really awesome work noshin……..

  10. alokesh

    touch’g…penetrates the heart like a poisoned arrow…revelation of the truth is sometimes very painful…u have brought out d actuality so long ignored, noshin…

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