your slum is my home

April 1, 2010 Off By Noshin Kausar

Don’t give that look because I’m used to it or you can say it hardly bothers me.

Why me, why not you.

Even I was inside the dark world for nine long months;

Even my mom bored the pain, then why only me?

You say you are hungry and you get burgers, I put my hands forward and say I’m starving;

“Get-off”, that’s what I get to eat.

You complain about the color of your cardigan and I hardy posses a rag to cover my bare carcass.

A tear roll down and your cheek is covered with kisses;

I keep screaming and I get kicks rather.

Every morning I get upset to know I’m still viable and then it’s time for me to get into the real world.

You do nothing and get everything, I travail day and night and at the end of the day I get to hear that I’m a ‘phony’.

I deserve more than you, still I beg you.

You call me ‘moron’ and you get everything.

I might never have flown in an aircraft but in my dreams I have zoomed higher than you in the clouds.

So Don’t Give That Look, I Don’t Deserve It.

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