The Call V1.0

April 1, 2010 Off By Pramathesh Borkotoky

B:I got a good news for you.
A:What? You remaking Sholay?
B:No. But, it will be better than that.
A:Ah! Cut it. Stop flying. You are not a bird.
B:Nah! This is worth my expectation.
A:Ok. What is it?
B:Tell Miss Charvi, she’s gotta role too. A nice meaty role.
B:No. It is a supporting role but m sure it will be an award winning role.
A:Err. It will be difficult convincing her.
B:Tell her that we also have a role for her brother.
A:And what about my role?
B:The usual.


A: You are typecasting me. I want a better role this time.
B: I can make you the villain but it comes with the risk of losing life at the end.
A: Why not the lead?
B: It is a sissy showpiece role. You are not new to this that you ask such a silly question.
A: What else role can you give me?
B: I can give you any role. But, no role is as better as the one I gave you. You need to work
in many of my forthcoming movies. Don’t you? The next movie will be only for you.
A: Ok! Stop oiling. You have been saying this for the last 3 movies. Tell me who is the lead?
B: Harshal.
A: You seem to be very good to Miss Charvi.
B: Not as it seems.
B: Her brother will be killed in the first half.
A: By whom? The villain? By the way, who is the villain?
B: Prem.
A: O wow! The sissy Harshal will kill the bulky Prem. HAVE YOU GONE CRAZY? How?
B: With your help of course.
A: Another thing. Who is the heroine and what is she doing in the movie?
B: Miss Hansa.
A: What?
B: She is the perfect I can think of for this role. She will start the mayhem.
A: Oh!
B: Everyone will be killed. In the end only we two will be left.
A: And why is the favour?
B: Well, don’t you know?
A: I see a wicked job for me.

(Hangs after a Sarcastic Laugh)

(To be continued….)

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