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Otike moromor mugare mohura
Otike moromor maku
Taatu koi senehor bohagor bihuti
Nepati keneke thaku

( I Love the bobbin of golden thread
I love the beautiful sound of the shuttle
But I love even more
The month of Bohaag
For its Bihu
How can I not celebrate? )

I have always cursed my school for having exams during the Bihu time. Rongali Bihu comes once in a year and we always had our Annual Exams at that time. We missed the fun at Bihu tolis, but we developed different ways of having fun during Bihu. It’s the special supplement by various newspapers which kept us involved. actual time now . The Bihu Special Supplements is not just for the pleasure of reading but has been providing a unique platform to express the fun, love, affection, cultural heritage and kept the spirit alive for togetherness by various writers and other creative artists. dont ask dont tell . In April 2002, The Assam Tribune started a Bihu Supplement called SPRING sonata. The specialty of this supplement is to focus on various art forms of Assam. Apart from the creative writing, which is of very quality, it also focuses on visual art, fashion designing and various other art forms related to Bihu. SPRING sonata has been a complete package for many reader enthusiast including me.

With time the idea of fun has been enhanced. Now, I enjoy the song of Kuli (Cuckoo) and Keteki(Brainfever bird). I enjoy the cool breeze. I enjoy the Spring as a whole. I enjoy the various delicacies that I get to eat during Bihu. I enjoy the Hussori, especially the Hussori by the young kids some of whom are very talented and some others are equally naughty. The Hussori by elders also have a charm in itself. It fills the whole enviroment with a positive energy giving a good start to the new year. All these make me Rongali (Colourful) like the Rongali Bihu. With these feeling, I wish you all a Happy Rongali Bihu.

Pramathesh Borkotoky

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