The Call V1.0

April 15, 2010 Off By Mapra Duo

(… continued from The Call V1.0)

Swapan kept on staring towards infinity for sometime before taking off the head set. His face was spread in even concentration. He thought hard…very hard…very very hard. Replayed it again and again and wrote it down as notes. But he suddenly jumped up from his seat and rushed to his laptop. Switched it on and waited tapping his foot impatiently to get it started. He was soon on the net on google search. The first letter he keyed in was – Sholapur he watched grimly as he looked up at his laptop
Clicked the mouse few times. Then keyed in some more letters. Now he was worried. He typed in Mea Culpa, Goa. And watched wide eyed at the results. ”Goodness!” he whispered slowly.
“ Okay” he rolled up his sleeves and started about.
Next he clicked on Indian Army. It was not easy to find out what he wanted. After all he was working on hunches, and some previously registered bits and pieces of information.
After that he lost track of time, completely. He quietly went on at his laptop, clicking and typing. Typing and clicking. Till his sister in law called him downstairs at dinner time.
“Is it so late? “, he murmured.
He immediately came downstairs and without preamble he started at his brother, “Dada, we need to talk.” His brother who was just about to sink his teeth on sarso ilish stopped midway and looked up at him.
“OK” and then continued with the ilish.
Swapan pulled a chair and impatiently started gesticulating, “Dada it’s important.”
“Sit down”, his brother commanded authoritatively. “ We will talk after dinner, by the way what is it about?”
Swapan looked askance at his sister-in-law and said nothing. He decided to have his dinner first. There was no more dinnertime chit chat after that. His brother was the the ACP of Sahnagar, South Zone-II, Pune . And at that moment Swapan felt that he was the best person to help him out. He felt restless but still curbed his excitement and managed to finish substantial amount of his dinner plate within 5 minutes and was up and about.
“Well I am waiting for you in your study” and rushed to his own room without waiting for a reply. Picked up some of his notes and his laptop and… the device he developed. Not a surprise coming from an electronics engineering graduate. He had developed a rough wireless interceptor which can intercept calls. Though he was sent forcibly by his brother for an engineering degree, he wanted to be an IPS officer, just like his brother. Both the facts combined resulted in the above conversation being intercepted.
His brother came in within a few minutes.
“Yes?” he shot back and seated himself comfortably in a chair.
Swapan took a seat. He was ready with his equipments.
“Listen to this” , and he switched on the conversation that had bothered him so much.
ACP Dutta listened to it carefully and then quizzically turned toward his younger brother.
“Yes? So?”
“Don’t you get it Dada? It’s a conspiracy. It’s a big dangerous conspiracy”
“Wait a min wait a min. this movie?”
No the whole thing. It’s a code.
His brother cocked his head and tried to concentrate. “no it cant be. Where’s the pattern.? “
“Oho don’t go by the book Dada. Just read between the lines.”
“What is there to read? See! Stop fiddling with your strange contraptions. Cut it out with your mindless obsession. Ok?”
“ Dadaaa! just give me a chance to explain.”. “OK?” ACP Dutta reluctantly relented.
“Well remember Sholapur?” His brother nodded. “Well there is going to be another Sholapur.”
“What? A terror bomb strike? Have you gone out of your mind? Listen, go take a vacation and let the experts do their work. Months of unemployment has taken its toll.”
Swapan was offended for a moment at the reference of his unemployment but he shook off his resentment for the sake of national security.
“Just listen to me patiently. Then it’s your decision after that. Dutta remained silent. seeing that Swapan continued. See Sholay? The part about remaking and flying?”
Well the other guy is asking if he is planning for an air strike. But it is only a terrorist blast but stronger than it. Dutta was about to say something but decided against it and continued brooding.
“Now Miss Charvi- look at the key words. Nice meaty role- heroine-supporting role-well have you heard of Mea Culpa the goan group –the drug runners-MC Miss Charvi MC Mea Culpa- heroine. Got it? They have a supporting role – in probability knowing the nature of their work- ammo running. They will bring in the ammo. Ok?”
Dutta still said nothing but he looked as if he was trying to make sense of what he was saying.
“Award winning of course – means they will pay well. And ah! The part which speaks of brother getting a role? – Well they have got a branch too and I have a guess that it’s about dealing with human trafficking. Maybe they meant that they have an offer or role for them too.”
“Typecasting- well judging by the conversation, I think he is speaking of his role as coordinator. He wants to be the villain- maybe he wanted to be on the ground- in the action, hence the reference to being killed, but the other guy who seems to be the mastermind doesn’t want him. Cos as he has mentioned he need to work in more movies- meaning projects/ mission He paused. Dutta simply nodded.
“”Aha now the lead! Harshal! Major Harshawardhan Singh. He is a link somehow.”
“Are you crazy?” His brother thundered. “Do you want us both to go to Jail? This is insane.”
“Dada please please! In last 1 year he has made 5 trips to Goa. Why? Army people don’t get so many holidays. Mea Culpa are based in Goa. Something is cooking.”
How do you know that he made 5 trips?
“I know. Well that’s not important but yes there is a link and now hear out the rest.!
Now the villain Prem- peoples revolutionary movement. See? Everything falls into place? RAW had an idea that Prem had joined them.
“What about the piece of killing Prem? It doesn’t make sense.”
“It is not killing. it is I think making a contact. That explains the killing of Miss Charvi’s brother. See Dada everything is not that clear to me either, but I am trying..
Like Miss Hansa. I am not getting whether it refers to a place or a person or group but yes! That is the point of initiation…”
And of course the end is clear. It means that the mastermind group will be the supreme player with he coordinator remaining with him.for maybe further …God knows whatever!
There was a moment of silence after this great narration.
Then ACP Dutta cleared his throat and started calmly, “See , your imagination is in over active mode. Maybe the novels that you read must have fed you with ideas but this is just nothing but a cock and bull story. So just cool down and go take a break. Things about terrorism conspiracies are not that simple to be discussed in such great detail as you have mentioned over a phone call… so stop acting like Calvin.”
“Arre! At least you can trace and verify the details na Dada? What’s the harm? Just see if there is a Miss Charvi..”
“What verification? Of course I know there is Miss Charvi. She is an Oriya movie import. Hansa is already famous. Who doesn’t know Prem?”
Charvi exists? Ok!
“Go get a life. Have some fun Tutool .Act normal.”
“But still who is Harshal? And is there really a movie being planned with them. I mean at least get the call traced na Dada!”
“Uff. Wait! There is no other way I see. Ok as you wish. Let me do this too.” ACP Dutta became busy with phone calls while Swapan waited and observed face keen with interest. After about dozen calls and speaking to Charvis secretary and Prem’s secretary it was found out that A movie was really planned on those lines with the following star cast.
It was 1 am by the time things were wrapped up. Swapan looked dejected.
“Go to sleep Tutool. And take a vacation”.
“Dada think you should have traced the call to see from where it had come. You hadn’t done that…”
“Goodnight Tutool.” His brother broke in firmly…
The discussion was never again discussed. Things came back to normal. Swapan still intercepts call but he doesn’t discuss them anymore.
Three months later , a series of blasts rocked Pune, the first blast occurring in Mahavir Hospital, or MH Charitable Hospital. MH- Miss Hansa!

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