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By Editor

As we celebrate the 153rd birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, we can’t help noticing how much of a contrast times are…

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Soul Chronicles

By Lightroom Poets

The lines I wrote, they speak of you, Through the voices of my reckoning fate; In its source, my creation…

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Pork with Radish

By Sanzeeta

By Sanzeeta This dish is inspired by Phagshapa, a dish from Sikkim and Bhutan where strips of dried pork fats…

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The Beautiful Crime!

By Fried Guest

By Siddhesh Kabe ( Sid is a humorist and you can read him at “Crime is a subjective term.…

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The birth of a killer

By Fried Eye

By Victor Mukherjee While growing up in a small village at the southern part of West Bengal, crime always meant…

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New Goods on The Block

By Fried Eye

We are back again with our lifestyle product watch and we have before you three notable recommendations which will provide…