October 1, 2012 Off By Editor

As we celebrate the 153rd birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, we can’t help noticing how much of a contrast times are today to what the Gandhi would have hoped it to be. But we also cannot deny the fact that the way the world is, complete with its grey and black shades, brings in so much more of learning.


Goodness without the bad, light without the dark… would that not be a tough concept to understand? We do not intend to play the devil’s advocate, but then we do believe that the dark has its own character. The underbelly, the crime, the noir…


In this issue we look into crime and noir. So we have tried to look into the psychology of a murderer, discussed capital punishment for rapist and much more. And of course there are some of our regular and your favourite sections too… including Sanzeeta’s new delicacy.


Try out the read and the recipe. And yes, feedbacks are not just welcome but essential.


Yours faithfully

Shishir Gautam

Issue Editor

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