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Aabar Aashbe Maa..

By Fried Guest

 -Ankita Deuri As the kaash phool grows near the highway land, the puja feeling grows even stronger. It’s not that…

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By Editor

It is the festive season and it is also a reason to become social in our otherwise busy lifestyle. I…

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By Sankhya Samhita

“Sit”, she said and he sat down without a sound. He knew when that voice meant business. “What you did…

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My Royal Unicorn

By Nimue Gal

On the blurred edges of my dreams, where i search for you each night, I found you once waiting for…

October 15, 2010 3

Salami Tang

By Sanzeeta

I wondered awhile and glanced at some items in the refrigerator. There was nothing out of which I could make…

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Event Alert

By Fried Eye News Service

MOSHPIT 2010 Date: 25th October 2010 5:30 pm Venue: Shilpagram, Guwahati Date: 27th October 2010 4:00 pm Venue: Laban Sports…

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By Bhoothnath

(Oct 15, 2010 – Oct 31, 2010) Aries:- There is conspiracy all around you . If you are single ,…