October 15, 2010 Off By Bhoothnath

(Oct 15, 2010 – Oct 31, 2010)

Aries:- There is conspiracy all around you . If you are single , then people are conspiring to get you hooked up with someone, and if you are not, then…. no! you are not that lucky that people will conspire you to separate you , but rather I see that your spouse is conspiring to keep you busy with some boring chores. Time to run.

Taurus- The Festive period could not have been more perfect. There is a kind of buzz everywhere, in the midst of which people have forgotten you almost completely. Just the perfect atmosphere to laze around and meditate in solitude.

Gemini- There will be many choices around you and in your attempt to try out everyone and thing you will realize that you enjoyed none. Sad thing! Tch tch.

Cancer – Your attempts to loosen up will bring dividends. You will become the next best thing to a bollywood star in your locality, but beware the person whom you are trying to impress will be so impressed by your networking skills that he/she will treat you like a match making agency and make you a messenger instead.

Leo-A very grumpy and chaotic fortnight ahead. Scrooge looks like an angel compared to you, but can’t help it .Leos have violent mood swings occasionally and this is one such time.

Virgo- If someone challenges you to a bet or any other challenges, don’t take it up. Not because you will not win. Of course you will win bets, but you will end up losing friends. So its better to sacrifice some petty bets for some precious friends.

Libra – Don’t take up responsibilities this fortnight if you want to avoid fiascos. Be it babysitting, or arranging a picnic or even organizing a function, Things will malfunction due to no fault of yours but you might still achieve the cult status of Suresh Kalamadi of CWG.

Scorpion – There will be newness in your life after some old friends kick you out of their life. A blessing in disguise in fact as your old associates were doing nothing new to help you advance in your life.

Sagittarius- A very satisfying week for you as this puja holidays give you chance to be away from certain persons who irritate you no end. Rejoice as much as you an before he/she is scheduled to return, because the intensity only increases hereafter.

Capricorn- You will remain exhausted and zonked out most of the time throughout the fortnight much to the chagrin of your dear ones.Credit goes to addiction of substances like facebook, twitter. Gtalk, chocolates , movies, junk food etc etc Rehab? Why should I say? Who will read my section if I tell you. 😛

Aquarius- Time for gifting. You will be labeled as super generous but err just one glitch- you will be expected to live up to your reputation of being generous everywhere much to your discomfort.

Pisces- Be careful with your health. Eat with care . Sleep regularly on time because I see an onslaught of skin affectations. And no don’t run for that artificial chemical product yet. Eat wisely and be natural.

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