October 15, 2010 Off By Editor

It is the festive season and it is also a reason to become social in our otherwise busy lifestyle. I met quite a few people who said that they have read Fried Eye. It was very encouraging for me to know that Fried Eye is being read and being appreciated. One gentleman who asked me as how did I get the inspiration of starting a magazine and that also without any experience in the business. Nobody ever asked me this question and I was glad that someone at last asked me this question.

Well, there were several people who inspired me, but the one person who seeded the idea in my mind was my cousin Dr. Nalini Kanta Sarmah. He presented me a souvenir magazine that was brought out by a group of people who studied together in school. He was one of them and the others were his classmates. He told me that they had brought out a magazine when they were in Class VI. A magazine by class VI students is itself impressive. Each of the student wrote one article or poem or drawing to the editor. The one with the best handwriting was given the charge of noting it down in a notebook. Then art design was done by a person who used to draw well. After the magazine was completed, each of the students would get a chance to keep it for 2-3 days. He/She had to finish reading it in that time. It was one of the best things I heard that one said that they did as a child. That story really tickled my senses and I decided to start a magazine in the internet and approached my friends. Today, we are really lucky to have some of the best talents around associated with us. I just pray to God that we are able to do better each day.

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Pramathesh Borkotoky

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